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Completely Free Online Dating Sign up in 30 seconds and meet someone! There's tons of singles. We're one of the biggest dating sites on earth, and it's all totally free. We strictly monitor who uses our site, and you can easily block people who you don't want to talk to. It's quick - Most people that use this site find a match within minutes. It's easy - Mingle 2 is a piece of cake to use. Within minutes you'll be chatting with potential dates in your area. What have you got to lose?

Join Now and see what all the fuss is about. Mingle2 is maintained by a couple of guys from San Francisco. You should also everything carefully before agreeing to it. I like giving each dating site a rating regardless of how happy or disgusted I am. The customer service sucks big time! The women here are so few that you can barely find someone hot or at least attractive.

My experience has been okay so far. There should also be emphasis on marketing so that it will have more female members. On September 17, Mingle2 was a waste of time. It's not worth joining.

Mingle2.com: Review Our Results Using The Mingle2.com Site

COM is dedicated to help you have more online dating luck, by providing a guide for online dating and reviews of the the most successful dating sites. Chance October 21, at Eda October 22, at 6: Salty Mary De Belleville October 28, at 4: Tricia Maclagan October 31, at 3: Dalteco November 3, at 3: Risa November 6, at 1: Prince November 9, at 7: Fast Ocelot November 12, at 7: Caroline Day November 15, at 4: Sheep Brave November 18, at 5: Adrianne November 21, at 7: Will November 24, at 3: Cockroach Rough November 27, at 8: Nadia Hildyard November 30, at 3: Angry Prince December 3, at 3: Sanora December 6, at Elijah December 9, at 3: Cloudy Moon December 12, at 7: Marivel Chase December 15, at Out of the hundreds of messages I have gotten I have only met three real people.

Many claim to be in the area but when I ask for details I get off the wall answers. Then there are the stories I am off working somewhere. Always excuses why can't meet. They want long distance romances and eventually ask for money or for you to reship packages or ask for personal info. I've used Mingle2 for many months and with ONE exception, every single woman I talked with was either a prostitute, scammer, or a someone who was pretending to live in San Jose, CA -- but was actually living five or six states away.

Very early on, most of them will say "I don't use this site much -- email me here instead" When they give me a phone number, I do reverse lookup. Almost every single number is a VOIP number or is registered thousands of miles away.

They appear to use a blacklist as do other dating websites like match. I believe you are more likely to wind up on this black list if you are a conservative Christian male. These Scammers use other folks' photos, which are easily discovered thru Google Picture search and other search engines. I played with one scammer, just for fun and within a day they told me how deeply in love they are with me , then they came at me with an incredibly lame sob story , trying to hustle me for money.

I got their information and reported them to various agencies and online date scam sites. As much as I like using the site and find it simple and fun, ive had no dates yet.

And that is not what im spending money for. With WeJustFit I had a date in my first month and although I know that's unusual, I still think that after 2 months I should be moving offline more. I've had interest and ive been interested, but nobody has 'grabbed' me at this point. Even in a small city like edinburgh I would have expected slightly better. Not really sure if I like it or not. Maybe I was expecting too much, maybe I was a ittle impatient.

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Anyway, site seems ok but is simply not 'mine'. You've seen me desperately holding out hope and trying then reviewing dating sites from Tinder, Match, Sexfinder, Flirt, all the dirtiest to most respected Match, AM, E all. Mingle2 is simply the same business model, cloned format even word for word legalize now making me suspect FBI suspicions may be valid that the entire industry now controlled by Organized Crime fronting prostitution, fraud, identity theft, robbery, scams, blackmail and extortion. My doctor got me signed up to Tinder way back after some test results, where she already was.

Not to find each-other, but lovers. Yet ever site we tried, after realizing we were getting 0 dates, more confirmed scams and threats than dates, one day she asked we look for each other coming from the same city, but couldn't find each-other. It was only then she found out that women got away scot free, their participation was paid for by men, men had to pay membership, and upgraded gold to actually read or send messages not just look, some sites men even have to give drivers license photo id, confirmation of residence, while no-where do women have to pay so can use false names even zip codes for hundreds of accounts so no matter how many times found out and banned they are back same day.

You see the 'hide identity' business model is not only to facilitate and make immune, "Gee Mr. G-man, we can only give you the real names and addresses of the men not women, women are always the victim you'll agree.


More confirmed than confirmed dates ever. My GP, a businesswoman first i guess herself, has quit, in none of the sites including Mingle were we even able to find each-other. I know believe the very Business Model is NOT to match lovers for dates, for then they go on their merry way and no longer pay them. The priority, even over death of men, is to keep luring men into paying for nothing.

Mingle2 Review January - Just Fakes or Real Dates? - sonvecurtherpdec.cf

I was on Mingle for weeks, months, always told the reason i never got a date was i didn't upgrade to the full gold memberhsip and 'priority advertizing' even more expensive. I've been on over a week now, and no, neither she nor i have found each-other even when using search with exact character profile name and narrowest limit within 10mi of Calgary. I now have over 30 Matches, only six from Alberta even, not a single of which, even they contacted me first, has EVER replied again, and ever since, ALL my matches have not only been from non-existent women clearly too far away for dating, but I had never matched them, never even seen their photos before.

Now I see one of the porn stars guys on internet figured out behind extortion and men's death and report it, but no reply. To be fair to Mingle, for the first week at least, they seem to read your complaints and might actually ban the scammer, though won't answer what good that does when they don't know their actual name or identity could have hundreds of account profiles already back on, as it turned out she was, going to each one of us she knew recognized her and threatening us, 'see, we rule here, keep your mouth shut' and in absense of Mingle even insisting they banned 'her' the known ones, guys left.

I dont' blame them. Sadly I'm am coming to the conclusion that Mingle2 is also part of the same global syndicate running the same 'never satisfy always stretch out suckers as long as possible and take cut from scammers' everywhere. I'm actually devastated, but that's the truth. In this feminazi misandry world of war against masculinity, men and boys as Christina Hoff Sommers and other old guard feminists put it, where boys in high school are already learning to avoid girls no matter how hard it is, won't even ask a girl to dance as anything can be sexual abuse anymore, men in real life at shopping centre too afraid to look at a woman anymore let alone the guts up to ask her out as its defined by law now as sexual assault, where if a husband today pouts or displays emotional dissappointment at his wife refusing to have sex with him anymore it is sexual abuse I'm not kidding, go look it up this bastion of freedom of speech online has turned into nothing but more punishment and fines upon men and some women too recently i've had this once before i never answered again, other guys and my GP herself point out these women go after women they hate to.

I tracked a romance scammer from Facebook onto this site.

I feel sickened that these miscreants are using other peoples pictures and good looking ones to lure u in. What is the world coming too. But little do they know we are smarter. I had talk to few guys on here.

Customer Questions & Answers

And talk to one guy that was fake.. I was locked down for no reason scammers abound but I think I got blocked because I blocked too many scammers. I have been on mingle2 for 8 maybe 9 months not one girl replied to me what the hell? I chat with this person and after a while she gives me her number. I'm only able to text so I asked if I could actually call her and it didn't work so she says that there is a problem with her phone.

Gross Features

Tells me that her father died 6 months ago in South Africa and she said she would have to fly there to claim inheritance. Now today she said she would not get the full amount unless she is married and asked me to contact her attorney in Africa so I did. He was hard to understand so I tell him that I haven't even heard her actual voice yet. So I said how about you get her on the phone so I could talk to her. He was busy for another meeting and said he would tomorrow. So then I email this person for a test saying that her lawyer did talk to me and he advised to tell you to go to the lobby where you can find a pay phone and call collect.