Sulli and chanyeol dating

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Ever since her drug scandal and subsequent hiatus from the music industry in , Koreans have had a negative view of Park Bom. This became one of the most lengthy and divisive scandals of the year, with public opinion constantly changing from supporting Clara to supporting the CEO. The B1A4 fan meeting in January was the first major scandal of Although the girls looked overjoyed to be onstage with their favorite idols, the public criticized them for not acting in accordance with their religious beliefs by hugging the B1A4 members.

Back in March, while filming a variety show, Lee Tae Im was reported to have cursed and yelled at Yewon for speaking informally to her.

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The video showed that Yewon did indeed speak informally to Lee Tae Im. IU broke headlines in with not just one, but three different scandals all in a short time frame, earning her one of the top spots on this list. First, she was revealed to be dating singer-songwriter Jang Ki Ha. Later, the publishing company that had raised the concern over Zeze apologized.

[Kai ♥ Krystal] Witness accounts, dating rumors of other EXO members, more

This year, the singer-actor was embroiled in another controversy: Kim Hyun Joong initially stated that he would take responsibility once the pregnancy was confirmed, but various issues and disputes ensued, leading to lawsuits and countersuits, claims of miscarriage, alleged false accusations on both sides, etc. The results, which were released December 21, indicate that Kim Hyun Joong is indeed the father of the child.

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Sulli and chanyeol :)

Unidentified girl during EXO debut that's rumored to be Krystal: Video of him kissing an unknown Chinese woman in October but clarified she was just a friend, someone from Crayon Pop. Apparently in a non-celebrity relationship?? I have a feeling he's in a long-term relationship rn. Someone came forward and said that a friend of hers was dating Kris, Photos were leaked from his phone these rumors are said to be false and fabricated.

Girlfriend story was taken from a fanfic apparently. He admitted to having a GF before his debut C , he supposedly dated someone in whom "we've seen a lot" maybe an idol? They mention each other very often and fans notice too Romantic text exchanges circulated online but He never confirmed or denied the rumors.

Girlfriend don't know if celebrity or not he admitted he's been in a relationship for 2 years. They met at academy where they would practice together. He also admitted they shared kisses but not during practices.

For those wondering about Sulli&Chanyeol, Wa$$up&Sehun….

He broke up with her according to him. Her name was "Jenny" but relationship only lasted 20 days. He says he's never had a gf lol how many idols have said this but turned out to be secretly dating.

Sorry if list is short. I remember she kept talking about how lonely she was during that same year. Maybe it's because she was single? Saesangs say they met back in but it was just a fling , Lee Seung Gi ?

12 Asian pop star scandals that broke the internetfor a little while | SBS PopAsia

Although it is said they started dating years before , Gray Kim Joon Hyung C? Many think it's Simon D. He was in a serious relationship with an ex-gf rumored to be named "K. Caught kissing backstage after performance by an insider at an SMTown concert fans suspecting Changmin.

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Supposedly dated him since her WGM days: Kiko Mizuhara C , Nana Komatsu: Leaked Instagram photos of them on a date ? Shin Min Ah