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While this may sound like an impossibility, most Sagittarius women will eventually settle down when they are ready.

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After all, as a mutable sign, she can be quite adaptable and flexible when she wants to be. If the Capricorn man wishes to keep the relationship going, he must show her that he is worth sacrificing her freedom for. Any relationship between the mutable Sagittarius and rigid Capricorn will undoubtedly have issues to face in the long run.

The beginning of the relationship is easy — the Sagittarian woman wants to be swept off her feet by a knight in shining armor and the Capricorn man loves a damsel in distress. But what a Capricorn really wants is a stable relationship. If the Sagittarius woman and Capricorn man want the relationship to work, they will have to find a common goal or project to work on together.

It must be something that they are both passionate about. But the tricky part is finding the perfect project that provides just the right balance — freedom for the Sagittarius woman and stability for the Capricorn man. If this balance can be achieved, it will create a very strong and long-lasting bond between the pair. Compatibility in Intimate Relationships.

The free-wheeling spirit and adventurous personality of the Sagittarius woman elicits a deeply buried sense of longing in the Capricorn man. He finds this aspect of her almost impossible to resist. But the Capricorn man must remember the natural independence of the Sagittarius woman, including her tendency to innocently flirt. He should not want to turn off the thing that attracts him to her so resolutely. Finally, she has found her intellectual match. The couple will enjoy wonderful, deep conversations long into the night. And if there are any gaps in their ability to communicate using words, it will be bridged by their magnetic sexual relationship.

Curious about your compatibility with a Sagittarius woman or Capricorn man? Contact one of our online spiritual advisors today! Astrology Advice At a first glance, the Sagittarius woman and Capricorn man seem to have very little in common. The Capricorn Man The Capricorn man has very high standards in a relationship.

Opposites Attract Although the attraction might not initially be obvious, Sagittarius woman Capricorn man compatibility begins with the karmic link they share as neighboring signs. Just do it respectfully. Be prepared to loosen him up and help him relax. His answers at first may seem quite stilted. Capricorn are the shyest sign and often have self esteem issues making them fearful of rejection which they cover up with self discipline and austerity.

Be warmly reassuring that your interest in him is genuine.

His schedule is busier than yours, at least with Important Things, so be prepared to slow down your pace a little. She slaps, tickles and ribs pals. In conversation she prefers general or work-related conversation, world affairs, business trends …. Sports is almost always a good topic. Make your time together meaningful from the very beginning.

Capricorn Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

Her calendar is always full and she hates just going through the motions. These two can create a lifelong bond of friendship based on mutual respect and wisdom they both have on how to nurture a relationship. There should ensue a respectful and carefully timed pursuit of the best in relating. Gradually their good conversations get even better.

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They find several quality interests they share. Their dates tend to include others in the community or cultural events, likely some business entertaining as well. Capricorn is proud for his friends to see him with such an intelligent woman. He will love the way you dress. Really outstanding sex is based on all the things these two have going for them! Sex is above all a means of communication and these two share a secret world no others may enter. All I can tell you is it is sort of like Christmas morning every time they go in there together.

Capricorn Man and Sagittarius Woman ⋆ Astromatcha

If absolutely necessary, their conduct will be above reproach. They may remain lifelong friends. Sag will be stoic and Cap will be philosophical, showing how much they learned from each other. Click here for your Free Numerology Reading. We texted for like a week then things just kept getting worse.. I was still in love with him and he was ready to move on. So I tried to understand and lose all contact but it was hard. We would text time to Time only because I texted first?

I finally came to the conclusion he hated me. And honestly I feel kinda cautious about dating another cap man if one happens to come along later in life. Its really funny how almost all the stories have a similar feel to them! My Cap guy and I met at a sports function a year and a half ago by chance. He asked me to play with him and we chatted for a bit and I felt an instant sense of comfort with him. He cracked jokes and I felt flirtatious with him and had a good time. We stayed in touch through the internet talking at the least once every two weeks when we were not talking every day.

We live three hours apart and we would only see each other twice a year at the sports function. I considered him one of my best friends although I definitely would have dated him if he had lived closer. I always sensed a feeling of platonicism though and I was also in relationships during our friendship.

He was the only friend male or female I had that consistently stayed in contact with me throughout the year and a half. I always had a feeling he liked me as more but then it was hard to tell because he was subtle so I took it in a friend way. I always liked him though. Recently we took a road trip together for fun as a way to compensate for the only twice a year of seeing each other.

During this road trip we got to really hang out and get to know each other in person and he was exactly the best friend to me in life as he was online. We were laughing the whole time, totally able to be ourselves, and just having a blast! I also realized the platonic feeling changed and I was feeling really attracted to him….

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We unconsciously kept sitting close to each other and starting to break the physical barriers between us. I kept thinking its still in a friendly way but then he put his arm around me.